Milk Oolong – again

Yes – we made a brief blog entry about Milk Oolong when we first introduced it to our tea collection – but I’ve decided to go back and tell you the story behind Milk Oolong. For those of you that haven’t tried it – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???? For those of you that have…well you understand what I speak of when I describe a smooth creamy aroma reminiscent of sweet milk – and a fresh light liquor that is clean on the palate.

The tea world is a romantic world – it still lives very much in the world of legends and folklore – and the story behind this amazing tea is no different. Legend has it that one evening, the moon fell in love with a comet as it passed it through the dark night sky. As comets do, it burned out and vanished. The moon was distraught and devastated that its love was gone and in her sorry, she caused a great wind to blow through the hills and valleys where the tea bushes were flourishing, causing a great drop in the temperature. The next morning, the tea farmers went to pluck their tea leaves and discovered when it was processed that the tea had a milky characterisitc.

To answer the question that many people pose when they first encounter this tea – is it flavoured – no, real Milk Oolong is not flavoured – there are cheaper versions that are – but true Milk Oolong gets its milky/sweet flavour from a severe temperature shift that happens just before the leaves are picked. It is an Oolong – which means that it is partially oxidized – this particular Oolong being very lightly oxidized. Make a cup and tell us what you think – it’s flavours are unlike anything you’ve had.


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No question, The Tea Emporium has the best Milk Oolong in Toronto; there is no comparison when one takes the initiative to sample the versions available at your competitors. Despite the price, it is worth every penny. My sister and parents are huge fans.



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