New season picks 2009

This is amongst our favourite times of the year – the first picks of the new season are picked, processed and shipped off to anticipating tea purveyors as well as customers.  This year we’ve flown in three teas to share with everyone.  Makaibari Imperial Delight is a gorgeous first flush Darjeeling – it is the first seasons pick and has all the delicate floral characterisitcs that are unique to the teas at this time of year.  The second is Meghma Honey Oolong – this is not a first flush – but we couldn’t resist bringing you this beautiful Oolong from Nepal.  The subtle honey notes of this tea are truly a treat.  Last, and certainly not least – Thurbo Bai Mu Dan – a white Darjeeling.  These are always interesting as some white Darjeelings impart the muscatal flavours unique to this region and others are softer and more floral.  This particular white Darjeeling steers to the latter making it one of the lightest teas we have tasted in a very long time.  The leaves on this tea are so spectacular, we can’t stop staring at them – they are virtually undisturbed showcasing the true craftsmanship in the production of this tea.

Thurbo Bai Mu Dan - White Darjeeling - First Flush Organic
Thurbo Bai Mu Dan - White Darjeeling - First Flush Organic

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