It looks a little wacky – but there’s something about the simplicity and the ostrich like legs of this teahouse that is intriguingly beautiful. Terunobu Fujimori is a well known Japanese architect who decided to build a teahouse for himself on a piece of property he owns. Now traditionally, teahouses are not built using designers or architects as they are meant to be simple and not appear ostentatious. Keeping to those principals, Fujimori built a humble teahouse with no pomp or circumstance. The result is the finest simplicity and someplace we would love to have a cup of tea.
Fujimori constructed the teahouse ontop of two chestnut trees. To enter the teahouse, guests must climb a free-standing ladder and remove their shoes on a platform before completing the climb.
The interior is small and compact, as teahouses tend to be – four and a half tatami mats – which is about 29 square feet and is made of plaster and bamboo.
Fujimori describes the building as “…it were an extension of one’s body like a piece of clothing”