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The Energy of Tea?

Some of us drink tea to feed our brains – some of us to quench our thirst – some to nourish our soul.  Could it be possible then that we could perhaps use tea to fuel our car??  According to Dr. Syed Tajamul Hussain – a nano-scientist in Pakistan, he has invented a ‘nano-catalyst for production of bio-diesel with the help of spent tea…”

Apparently, 1 kg of spent tea could produce 560 ml of bio-fuel.  Now 560 ml doesn’t sound like a lot – but consider this, the top twelve tea producing countries in the world produce 3.8 million  metric tonnes of tea annually. The conversion on that is 3 800 000 000 kg – that’s a whole lot of zero’s and a whole lot of bio-fuel!  Could it be that our favourite beverage could help spark a revolution in the energy industry??

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